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Yet Another YGO Icon Challenge

yeah, I know. >.<

Yet Another Yu-Gi-Oh Icon Challenge Community
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Welcome to Yet Another Yu-Gi-Oh Icon Challenge Community!

I formed this one after the ever-popular sg1_showdown. Basically, each week I'll post a screencap from the series Yu-Gi-Oh. Members make icons and post them as a comment to the challenge post. Then, we vote (unfortunately I will not be able to afford a paid account, so no polls. sorry) and the winners get banners made by their fellow community members.

It's fun, trust me.

Here's how you post your icon.


No, it doesn't have to be centered, I did that so it looked pretty in this layout. But in case the image doesn't show up, for whatever reason, I need to have a link as backup.


A Few Rules
* Icons must be 100x100 pixels and under 40k. LiveJournal standards; bitch at them.

* You may only post one icon unless the challenge specifies otherwise.

* You may only use the cap I post; only text and symbols are allowed besides that. (Symbols like hearts, stars, etc.)

* Be nice. If you think someone has posted a crappy icon, please do not say so in this community or you will be banned. I mean, come on. We've all made crappy icons. Your face is a crappy icon.

* Just have fun being artistic. I will be posting in some of the challenges, but I'm really not that good, and I will certainly not be voting for myself. So... yeah.

Let the challenges begin.

Don't ask me why people think we need this section.
As of right now, we're voting for First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Most Creative, Best Use of Screencap and Best Caption. As time goes on, there may be more categories, and who knows - we may throw in a Mod's Choice every so often.

These categories are always part of each voting post. Read the posts.

[x] DeepSense Icons
[x] Iconically Hales
[x] Etoile Nouvelle
[x] Ankhutenshi
[x] Mystical Dolphin

[x] YGO Color
[x] YGO Wordless
[x] YGO Verse

I do not own YGO; it is c/o Kazuki Takahashi.