the sunshine at the end of your cigarette (deepsense_remix) wrote in yet_another_ygo,
the sunshine at the end of your cigarette


There are a lot of banners that have not been made. Here is a list of who needs to make them (the list is a bit different now that we don't have cruxis).

deepsense_icons: 8, 12, 19
iconicallyhales: 9, 14, 20
etoile_nouvelle: 10, 16
ankhutenshi: 17
mysticaldolphin: 12, 18

If these aren't done by the end of November, I'm going to do them myself, but I will not be happy. The winners deserved to get these a long time ago. Yes, I'm including myself in this criticism, because as you can see I am listed as a delinquent bannermaker.

Starting with Challenge 21, there will be a new list of bannermakers. If you would like to make the commitment of being a bannermaker, please comment here. Include the journal name you'd like to be on the list, and any communities you've done work in/run. Please know that by saying you'll do it, that means you'll do the banners on time and to the best of your ability.

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