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Challenge 21 - Community Icon

Thanks, everybody, for not giving up on this community. Welcome to any new arrivals.

This challenge is special. Wanna know why? It's so special because I'm not giving you a cap this time.

That's right. You get to choose the picture. Please don't use fanart; if you need a good screencap archive, hit Kokoro No Naka.

You also get to choose the caption. I know it's scary, having this much freedom, but trust me on this one.

The caption and picture used must both embody, in some form or fashion, the feeling of "oh, noes, not again" or "another one?!" or... you get my drift. Try to be incredibly creative; I want to laugh so hard I fall off my chair. This is the community icon for Yet Another Yu-Gi-Oh Icon Challenge, after all. XD

This challenge ends Friday, November 18th at Midnight, Central Time. That's a little less than two weeks; should be plenty of time. Post your submissions in a comment here, just like old times.

I hope you guys haven't forgotten that we still need pimpage!! So get out there, advertise, then get back in here and make me some pretties!!!

Your loving and slightly neurotic mod,
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